The Best way to Lubricate Wire Rope

The best way to lubricate wire rope is by using a high-quality lubricant that will not harden with the weather or over time. Lubrication is necessary because it ensures the proper operation of wires, cables, and chains.

Properly lubricated wire rope also reduces wear on the equipment and increases efficiency.

Here are the 5 best ways to lubricate your wire rope:

  1. Use of an automatic drip system

This is one of the most reliable ways to lubricate wire rope. This system applies oil evenly across the surface of the wire ropes without any human intervention required, making for easy maintenance and increased productivity in your facility or warehouse.

  1. Using a manual drip system

It’s a less expensive way to lubricate wire rope than an automatic system. However, because the oil is poured manually, there is no guarantee that it gets distributed evenly and repeatedly throughout the length of the cables.

  1. Using oils and greases

The most direct method of applying lubricant to your wire ropes: just pour it on. However, this may not give your ropes the right amount of protection they require because too much oil or grease can actually attract contaminants that can further damage your cables.

  1. Using a brush

This is a manual method of lubrication that ensures proper coverage of the length of the cable. However, this is time-consuming and labor-intensive and the wire ropes must be removed from their seated position.

  1. Using a spray can

This is the easiest and most accessible method of lubricating wires. However, it is largely ineffective because the oil tends to pool on individual wires instead of evenly coating them, not to mention that some oils are combustible and dangerous for use near electrical equipment of any kind.

When choosing a wire rope lubricant, you must take into consideration whether an automatic drip system is compatible with your equipment. It is also important to select something that will not harden with the weather or dry out over time, which makes specially formulated lubricants so popular among professionals.